Advanced Analytics

The SIQ Basketball with 9D sensors tracks 192 data points per shot and provides a comprehensive analysis of your shooting sessions.

Train Anywhere

SIQ is built for indoor or outdoor use so you can track your sessions on any court in the world.

Official Game Quality Basketball

The SIQ basketball is FIBA-approved and the official basketball provider for Overtime Elite.

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Real-Time Stat Tracking with a SIQ Membership

*Info about how the SIQ membership can be used by coaches/ how it helps coaches*

Getting Started

Download the app from App Store or Google Play Store. Open the app and finish registeration. Spin the ball in the air and the SIQ app connects with your smart ball.

Track Your Performance

With just your smartphone and the SIQ Smart Basketball, you can turn any standard hoop into an automated shot tracking powerhouse. That means improving your shooting skills anywhere, anytime.

Shoot for Success